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Precious Plastic Margaret River

Founded in December 2018, Precious Plastic Margaret River is looking raise funds to secure a permanent workshop in Margaret River, Cowaramup or Witchcliffe to sustain the running of this recycling initiative of turning plastic lids into sustainable products hence keeping them out of landfill and our ocean.

The process of recycling these lids are as follows:

1- Decontaminate and sort into plastic type (HDPE - 2, LDPE - 4, PP – 5)
2- Wash and dry in batches of plastic type
3- Sort each plastic type into colour batches
4- Shred each colour batch
5- Melt and produce product.

We can then continue to fulfill our mission statement by providing education and awareness on environmental issues through tours, presentations, demonstrations and training courses to organisations, schools, events and individual participants.

Being a community based project, this will continue to include volunteers from schools, aged care facilities and the wider community to engage with like minded people and feel a sense of doing something significant to contribute to climate change.