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Men's Shave & Clay Pack

Men's Shave & Clay Pack

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The men's shave & clay pack features our rectangle soap tray, Corrynne's Natural Skincare clay block for body & shaving soap in tin.

Rectangle Soap Tray - Made from 147 food grade recycled plastic lids. It is designed to compliment our square tapas bowls in a set, or is perfectly practical on its own. 

Forest - Green based.

Earth - Brown/Rust based.

Ocean - Blue based.

Rainbow - Multi colour.


Weight 294gms Height 4cm Length 22cm Width 11cm 

Shaving Soap in Tin - Made to an old fashioned recipe this shaving soap is very mild and gentle and kind to faces prone to shaving rash and reactions to foaming gels. Ingredients like clay which is finely milled allow a razor blade to glide and acts as a buffer between skin and blade. Essential and hemp oils add anti-bacterial properties to the lather and a pleasant smell.

Clay Block - Australian terracotta clay. Use this little block in the shower wet to buff your skin – is mildly exfoliating and results in silky smooth skin.