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Our Story

Precious Plastic Margaret River was founded in December 2018 by Narelle and Stijn Kuppers. The project is intended to operate as a social enterprise, meaning an organisation which applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in social and environmental well-being. The PPMR project is based on the ideas of the Precious Plastic Community, a global community which operates under an open source licence, started by Dave Hakkens in 2013.

Our Mission:

Precious Plastic Margaret River’s mission is to address the global plastic pollution crisis through local, grass roots initiatives, by:

  • Providing education and awareness on environmental issues through presentations, demonstrations and training courses to organisations, schools, events and individual participants.

  • Promoting the Precious Plastic Community concept by operating a Precious Plastic Community WorkSpace and by collaborating with local and global Precious Plastic Communities and other social enterprises and organisations who have shared interests and objectives.

  • To effectively reduce single use plastic waste by processing plastic waste and creating and selling Precious Plastic Objects, and by engaging the community to process recyclable plastic in a dedicated Precious Plastic WorkSpace and through workshops integrated in third party community events, schools and organisations.

  • To reduce the use of single use plastics in the communities in which PPMR operates by the sale and promotion of products (made from recycled material where possible), which replace or eliminate common single use plastics.

  • PPMR seeks to fund the PPMR project and future projects by obtaining remuneration from training courses, demonstrations and presentations, and the sale of products created in the PPMR project and externally sourced products which replace the use of single plastics.

The Full Process

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