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Feel Good Inc x PPMR

We Are Feel Good Inc.

Precious Plastic Margaret River is chuffed to announce we are teaming up with local sunscreen legends, We Are Feel Good Inc, in their bottle recycling programme. We Are Feel Good Inc. sunscreen uses no parabens, preservatives, oxybenzone, octinoxate or PABA making it safer for your skin and our precious oceans, oh and they don't test on our animal friends either - making them the perfect people to team up with! The company uses virgin plastic, as it has to be food-grade to house the 50+ goodness, and though the packaging is fully recyclable once used, they can't guarantee the bottles will end up in the right place once used. Here at Precious Plastic, we wash, sort and mould the recycled materials into usable products all under the one roof. So you know when you drop in your sunscreen bottles that they are 100% being put to good use. Thank-you We Are Feel Good Inc!

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